Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As a mom I have come to the relization that time management is an important skill children need to be taught.I suppose it comes naturally to some but not so much to mine.The thing is a person doesn't have to be smart to have good time management skills,but bad time management skills can make a person seem stupid and could drag that person down.I've started a mission to teach good time management skills to my children.I'll let you know how it goes,wish me luck.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


We have two rabbits,one guinea pig and a dog.I would like to have a few chickens.In the spring I will again attempt to organize a safe fenced in area with a small shelter for four or five chickens.I've heard it can be hard to tell hens from roosters when they are small.I've also heard roosters can piss off the neighbors.Besides no eggs from them!I'll research a fool proof method for figuring boy or girl,though I'm not sure there is one.I'm also into the idea of keeping honey bees.It seems that bee keeping can require a bit of a financial lay out to get started.Both chickens or bees will need to be tended to so I figure starting with one or the other is best.Maybe I should toss a coin.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Well never done this before,here goes.Filled out my order for garden seeds last night.I usually wait until the begining of Feb.This year I couldn't resist,the pictures in the catalogue tempted me.I order from the same place, Pinetree Garden Seeds,and I like them.Always get my order on time and if the seeds don't do well I pretty much know it's something I did wrong.This doesn't happen too often any more.After 15 years of gardening in this same garden and yard I have a good idea what will work and what is a foolish waste of time and space.Although last summer I thought I'd give artichokes another try.I'd tried them 7or 8 years ago.This time I thought I had it all figured out with the timing and the soil and all.Well,they did great,took over more than their fair share of garden space,crowded out the eggplants and never got a flower stalk to boot!NO ARTICHOKES this season.Still have a few months of cold and snow to get through first.We like cold and snow here too.Now I gotta go put some wood in the woodstove.Ya no kiddin' a woodstove.See ya.