Sunday, January 11, 2009


We have two rabbits,one guinea pig and a dog.I would like to have a few chickens.In the spring I will again attempt to organize a safe fenced in area with a small shelter for four or five chickens.I've heard it can be hard to tell hens from roosters when they are small.I've also heard roosters can piss off the neighbors.Besides no eggs from them!I'll research a fool proof method for figuring boy or girl,though I'm not sure there is one.I'm also into the idea of keeping honey bees.It seems that bee keeping can require a bit of a financial lay out to get started.Both chickens or bees will need to be tended to so I figure starting with one or the other is best.Maybe I should toss a coin.


  1. i bet if you google it, you can find a farm that guarantees chickens. or perhaps there's some sort of return policy- take our chicks, and if in a few weeks they grow up to be boys you simply return them for replacements. hee that would be funny!

    D'you think gramma judy's workplace could be a source of info?

  2. Ya that's true maybe I've had my own family expert all this time and never thought of it.Thanx for the wake up call.