Monday, January 5, 2009


Well never done this before,here goes.Filled out my order for garden seeds last night.I usually wait until the begining of Feb.This year I couldn't resist,the pictures in the catalogue tempted me.I order from the same place, Pinetree Garden Seeds,and I like them.Always get my order on time and if the seeds don't do well I pretty much know it's something I did wrong.This doesn't happen too often any more.After 15 years of gardening in this same garden and yard I have a good idea what will work and what is a foolish waste of time and space.Although last summer I thought I'd give artichokes another try.I'd tried them 7or 8 years ago.This time I thought I had it all figured out with the timing and the soil and all.Well,they did great,took over more than their fair share of garden space,crowded out the eggplants and never got a flower stalk to boot!NO ARTICHOKES this season.Still have a few months of cold and snow to get through first.We like cold and snow here too.Now I gotta go put some wood in the woodstove.Ya no kiddin' a woodstove.See ya.

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